What is Dropshipping? | How to Set Up a Dropshipping Business in 90 days

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What is Dropshipping? This is one of the most common questions I get from beginners and then I also get “How long will it take to start a dropshipping business?”. In this video I cover exactly what dropshipping is and how to start an ebay dorpshipping business in 90 days.

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  1. Hey Marc, awesome video as always. Would love to hear your view on Dropshipping from Trinidad & Tobago. I know its a bit difficult to scale but is there a way around getting a US Paypal account and what not?
    PS… btw full video with no cussing, refreshing , jk lol

  2. Hi…. I do amazon to ebay ds..I got my amazon prime account locked as i was using my debit card to do order. They are saying to fax my bank details to them

    Should i buy giftcard in bulk and use it instead?… just want to know how you guy use amazon to process order without locking your account debit/credit card or using bulk giftcard..

    plz help me guys i am stuck at this

  3. Hey Marc I have been trying to do the Australian DS GENIE and no one is responding to me . Can you send me the link again ? I have messaged your support team a few times and they are not responding

  4. Hi Marc what are your thoughts on a manual store and the API issue people say is What causes eBay to flag your account or bring down your listings lower on the Seo?

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