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Hi, this is Vic. I want to thank you for placing your trust in me and to welcome you to Shopify Dropshipping Store Blueprint, a comprehensive tutorial that I have created for you, using three years of my own experience running a Shopify dropshipping store, that has generated over a quarter of a million of USD. If a 53 years old Ukrainian immigrant has done it, so could you!

Just about everything I have learned through my mistakes and many sleepless nights is included in over 60 super-detailed video modules that amount to over 1000 minutes of pure value. This information, very conservatively, should save you years of life and should put you on a fast track to success. Even if you have no or very little experience in ecommerce and Shopify in particular, this tutorial, though packed with serious amount information, is very easy to follow. I break down complicated subjects and make it easy for virtually anyone to understand and implement it. If you have a store already, my tutorial, just like it says in its name, will give you a blueprint to up your ecommerce game. Many people, perhaps even you, struggle to make and keep their Shopify store profitable because it is not set up and operated correctly. Following my Blueprint should correct all those mistakes and improve other things, so you don’t leave any money on the table. Some of my student, both experienced and inexperienced have reported applying practical knowledge from this tutorial to their stores and generating multiple sales, sometimes for significant amounts, literally on day one and right after watching just a few modules.

You have probably seen some of so called gurus, showing you a screenshot of their earnings, but they wouldn’t take you inside of a real store. Unlike those that teach you a purely hypothetical content, my promise to you has always been- NO BULL! You see, the shortest path to success is always to duplicate other peoples’ success. Well, naturally, it is very hard, or even impossible, for most people to duplicate something that they do not see. That’s why before I even started working on my blueprint, I’ve decided if I’m going to do it, it must be different. And different it is! In this tutorial I reveal everything, holding nothing back.

Beginning from the very next module, I will take you by hand and together we will create a REAL Shopify store. Then I will show you where and how to find REAL and hot selling items for your store. Feel free to sell same items, or just repeat detailed and well described steps, to find more bestsellers from different passion niche. Next step, we will create, from scratch, REAL Facebook ads that converts. And finally, you will see REAL multiple sales generated by those ads. To begin to understand the volume of valuable information, I have included in this tutorial, just scroll down the page and briefly review the titles of all modules included. Once you start watching them, rather quickly, you will see how it is done by me, I’m sure your confidence level going to go way up, and there should be nothing that holding you from duplicating those steps and generating your sales and building your very own brand, that Shopify platform is so beautifully designed for.

All online stores have some challenges. But no need to worry. Outside numerous modules on finding bestselling items, setting up and running your profitable Shopify store and Facebook advertising campaigns, I will teach you how to deal and solve the key marketing and customer service issues, so no matter what comes your way you going to be ready.

I recommend you watch all the modules on a PC monitor, otherwise you might easily miss seemingly small details that in fact are very important and could make or break your store. Take your time to watch the modules, especially if you don’t have much experience, and as soon as you have an opportunity implement everything you have learned, because the knowledge without implementation is dead, and only real sales would ultimately make you truly successful in your own eyes and eyes of the world. When you have even a small initial success after using my blueprint, please share it by commenting or direct messaging me on Instagram After you have finish this tutorial, chances are you going to know more than the majority of people in e-commerce, but don’t let this keep you from constantly learning and progressing. I do wish you to achieve success, to build your profitable store and brand and to fulfill your dreams! Go on and make it happen, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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