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According to a recent study by Cornell University the top 3 Google results get 79% of all clicks and if you are not on the front page forget it, the chances that you will get traffic to your website from a search engine are slim to none.

Aussies are now spending in excess of 17 hours per week online and 93% of all Internet users utilise search engines to find websites, websites and businesses like yours.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about being on page one of Google, anyone can do that. It’s about getting highly targeted traffic to your website that converts to sales.

After working with hundreds of websites and businesses over the years we know, that it is not the first page ranking that you really want, it is more sales and more profit at the end of the day.

There are a lot of companies out there that will tell you they will get you on the first page of Google for 10 or 20 keywords. This may seem like a good deal because it is packaged nicely for the client.

However this is one of the most dangerous ways you could engage an SEO service, because some keywords will take longer than others to rank for and why would you keep paying someone month after month if your phone isn’t ringing.

Not only that, why would you want to build a table a with only a few legs when you could build a rock solid one with many legs.

What if the search engines up date the way do things and your 10 keywords totally disappear over night. It has happened to a lot of businesses before that don’t have a proper strategy in place and it can destroy a business literally over night.

We start with your main keywords and then build a strategy around them, because any serious SEO company know’s that a proper SEO strategy isn’t about getting a few keywords on the first page of Google, it’s about driving more targeted buying traffic that converts to sales.

At Think Big Online we have a proprietary processes that ensures you get the most buying traffic to your website in the least amount of time, helping you to see a positive Return on investment much faster than any other SEO service.

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