Off Page SEO: How To Get SEO Backlinks 2020

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Today I will teach you how to get SEO backlinks for your off page SEO link building campaign in 2020.

I will go over two methods inside of this tutorial one will be on the white hat SEO side and the other technique will lean a little more on the black hat SEO side of things.

Both methods are for creating backlinks on the same platform that being the Microsoft platform.

These links will be a DA 90+ link for off page SEO that is like hitting a jackpot in Vegas!
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I hope that you have found this link building tutorial to be useful for your Off-page SEO if your White hat / grey hat or even black hat tit does not matter because a DA 90+ backlink will help with your rankings.

This link can be used to filter out other links that you are building you can use it to also pass relevance from not relevant backlinks for you search engine optimization efforts in 2020.

If you have any questions regarding SEO or link building , backlinks , digital marketing please let me know because I am always happy to help you on your journey.

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  1. Hi Chris, I managed to build a static website using azure because i already had an azure free subscription and my url goes like ''. Is this a white hat or black hat link. And if it's white hat, how to obtain the black hat one? I have the edu mail with me right now

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