Layout Rendering in Magento 2

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Let’s learn how to use layout configuration in order to render text on a page in Magento 2.

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  1. Hey Max, great video. I've got a question, though. In your controller, you used MagentoFrameworkControllerResultFactory to render a page. I'm sure you know there is also another class MagentoFrameworkViewResultPage which can be used as well. Both classes marked as @api so can be used with no hesitation. Could you share your thoughts on which one is better to use and why? From your point of view. Thanks

  2. Hello Max, what version of Php do you recommend for run Magento 2.3.1?? I have 7.2.16 but none of the marketplaces is compatible, do I have to rollback to Php 7.1 or 7.0?? I need to install Sendgrid Ext or other SMTP email transport but I can not install it, ahh another think brother, the Readiness Check always said to me: Cron job has not been configured yet, but the cron is aready install with: bin/magento cron:install 🙁

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