Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

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Hey, today I’m going to be talking about is affiliate marketing worth it, just give you an honest opinion about it. This way you can make a decision.

Affiliate marketing is when you post a link and if someone clicks on it and goes to a website and buys something you will get paid.

Affiliate marketing is ONLY worth it if you are enjoying what you are doing. How do we enjoy affiliate marketing?

The first area, I think it’s the most important is the niche. If I was in the hair products niche I would hate my life and it wouldn’t be worth it.

What are you interested in? What do you want to learn more about? If you just want to make money, then the make money online niche can be a great fit.

Plus, there is a lot of money in the make money online niche.

Another important part of enjoying your work is picking products you really like. The more you love your product the better off it is.

If you don’t like your product, don’t sale it. Also only work for people you admire. As affiliate marketers we work for other people.

We send people to a store and if they buy something we get paid.

It’s just like working for a boss at a job. If you don’t like making your boss money, don’t do it. Find another place to work.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is there really are tons and tons of different companies you can work for.

A third point is only work with people you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy yourself then work on that right?

In life these are great things to look for. Forget about the money. Choose a niche you are interested in, sale products you love, work with people you enjoy. Simple right?

The last part is the making money part. I guess if you are really interested in your topic and you are having fun it could still be worth it.

My neighbor has a blog and she loves writing and doesn’t care about money.

Still you and I both need money to pay the bills. It’s healthy to make money, it just is. A little bit of greed is healthy, too much – maybe not so much.

Greed can be a sin.

How do we make more money with affiliate marketing?

If you sale a product and you make a very tiny amount of money, then it’s harder to make money. This happened to me when I first started.

Now I make 100% of the profit. It’s hard to beat that. It’s worth it if you can keep more of the money right?

If you have high ticket deep sales in your funnel this improves the chance affilaite marketing is worth it. Imagine selling something and making a few thousand dollars?

The money really is in the list and your sales funnel. If you have a good sales funnel you are going to make money.

Another way to improve your money is with assets. If you are building a YouTube channel or a blog these are assets and can give you leads into the future.

If you write Ebooks, build up followers are subscribers this can al

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