Instagram Marketing 101, How I got 1,000 Followers & $650 in Sales in a Month

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This 17 slide presentation was made to help grow your instagram page.

From What to Post to Hashtags this video has the basics.

Other Tips:

Tag your location in your post.

Press the Search Icon, Press “Places”, and like and comment on the Top and Recent Post of the people in your desired location.

Call to Action: Saying something in your post, that prompts your follow to something. “Comment your favorite…” “Click the Link in Bio.”

Cost per click/like: How much the click cost you. The amount of impression total, divided by the amount of clicks or likes and the cost of the AD.

Cost per purchase: The total impressions, divided by the total amount of sales and the total cost of the AD.

A lead is a potential client from your AD.

You can have a weekly/daily plan for your story and feed post. For example, every Monday you will post a “For Sale” post. Or a “Behind the Scences” Post.

You can share your recent post on your story. This will make more of your followers see your post.

You can use IGTV for videos over 60 seconds. It’s like Youtube for Instagram.

You can take advantage of trends or news or viral things and make your post related to it.

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