How to Start a Shopify Store Tutorial – Shopify Guide for Beginners 2019

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In this Shopify tutorial, I’ll show you everything you need to know to build and launch your own Shopify store, even if you’re a beginner.

You can find the written tutorial here:

What exactly is Shopify?
Shopify is an all-in-one managed eCommerce platform that gives you all the tools to create and grow your online business.

Do you want to learn more about how to start your own online business?
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If you want to skip to a certain section, here are the timestamps:
0:01:25 – How to Sign Up & Shopify Dashboard Overview
0:04:25 – How to Add and Edit a Theme
0:06:50 – How to Add a Product
0:10:53 – How to Create a Collection
0:14:13 – How to Create Shopify Pages & Where to Find Policies
0:15:40 – How to Edit Your Shop Menu
0:16:30 – How to Accept Payments
0:17:22 – How to Set Up Shipping
0:19:42 – How to Create Discounts
0:21:14 – How to Create a Shopify Blog
0:23:12 – How to Add Shopify Apps
0:24:24 – How to Add a Custom Domain
0:25:56 – How to Set Your Shopify Store Live

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In this video I’ll show you how Shopify works, how to sign up, how to add and edit a store theme, how to add a product, how to create a collection and pages, how to edit your shop’s menu, how to accept payments and how to set up shipping, how to create discounts, how to add a blog, how to add apps and a custom domain and how to set your shop live.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or send me an email at

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  1. If my trail days finished and I never select a plain on Shopify and immediately for some days left I will able to select plain so can I access my old store? Can you understand my question?

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