How To Start A Dropshipping Business WITHOUT Shopify

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  1. You can try it but I wouldn't recommend it,I tried it and when I started making some money they banned my store and everything that I've made was destroyed in one second so you can try it but…

  2. But what about ads, do we have to place ads on social media about our store?
    And what about other comments below which said no dropshipping allowed in Etsy.
    What is the truth?

  3. Thank you so much man, you are the only one who make useful videos like this. Thank you a bunch for this video.
    Can you please tell me how to get sales on my etsy store now ?

  4. Dear brother, please tell us more detail about how to build a store on etsy because when i create a store it need me to put credit card. So it mean i have to pay money for the store, right? It that then how much that i have to pay? please make us clear brother. Thanks you very much.

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