How to Dropship on eBay in 2020 CORRECTLY & Profitably WITHOUT Software (What is eBay Dropshipping?)

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Here’s EXACTLY what eBay dropshipping is and how it works. I’m going to answer the question “what is eBay dropshipping” AND I’m gonna share how to dropship on eBay CORRECTLY in 2020 and beyond with my method of manual eBay dropshipping with a manual eBay store. Ebay dropshipping is a great business for beginners looking to start an online business, and it’s a lot easier than shopify dropshipping. However, even if you’re not new to business selling on eBay can be a great way to diversify your sources of income. Let me show you what this business model is all about, and more importantly, how to do it the right way so you don’t get your eBay account suspended or flagged.

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eBay dropshipping truly is one of the simplest business models & concepts to understand.

Here’s how to dropship on eBay:

1 – Pick a supplier. Your “supplier” when you dropship on eBay is simply any U.S. online retailer like walmart, homedepot, or my personal favorite Lowes. I’ve been using lowes as my eBay dropshipping supplier for the past two years & think there’s a lot of potential in using them as a supplier. The supplier/retailer you pick is where you will source products from for your eBay dropshipping business.

2 – Find products on your supplier’s website, like lowes in my case, & then list them on eBay for a MARKED up price. For example you can list a $100 tool set from lowes onto Ebay for $120.

3 – Wait for the item to sell on eBay, and once it sells you go back to your supplier’s website (lowes in this scenario) and then place an order as if you would normally, BUT for the shipping info you are going to put your eBay customer’s name and address. This will make your supplier ship the product directly to your ebay customer, so you don’t even have to buy the item until it sells on eBay & you don’t have to package or ship anything yourself! Your supplier will ship the product directly to your customer for you.

THAT’S IT! Simple right? That’s what eBay dropshipping is all about. But be sure to watch the whole video because there are some specific tips and tricks I mention inside the video that you NEED to know as far as how to dropship on eBay correctly in 2020. You can also use this method for any supplier like Lowes / Home Depot / Walmart / Bed Bath Beyond / Amazon / even for eBay Dropshipping UK

Did I mention this is the exact same way that Amazon dropshipping works?!


🔵My Method of Manual Dropshipping I’ve been doing for 2 years 🔵

🤔 So, what is my method of Manual dropshipping on eBay? What is a Manual eBay store?

Manual dropshipping is dropshipping on eBay WITHOUT using any major softwares. It DOESN’T mean trying to sneak around eBay and using softwares that don’t connect to eBay’s API…that’s not the point of manual dropshipping. The whole point of an eBay manual dropshipping store is to rely less on software in general no matter if it connects to eBay API or not.

Manual dropshipping on eBay has helped me generate over 7 figures in sales with 6 figures in profits in the last two years. I’ve been using this manual method of dropshipping for the past two years & have MASTERED it, & I’m here to teach you and show you how it can help you too.

Ebay manual dropshipping is all about being more involved in your store & actually paying attention to your listings & caring about them. You don’t have to list hundreds of items a day, in fact, I find myself not even listing anymore, because my method of manual dropshipping helps me create long term, recurring, and sustainable eBay sales. That’s the beauty of my method.

❓Who am I ❓

My name is Suliman, Sully for short, & I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur. I dropped out of college (sorry mom) to pursue ecommerce full time & I currently have an eBay dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping, & Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business. I am known mostly as the founder of the eBay Manual Dropshipping method & also for using Lowes as a supplier in my dropshipping business for the past two years.

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  1. Question 3. What if i list that tool set for 125 and Lowe's either sales out and the ppl already ordered and paid you for it? Or the price increases to a price thats over 125?

  2. So, if someone buys the £120 drill and then a few weeks later want to return it? They return it to me and I then greatly out of pocket as I cannot send it back to China! How is that problem dealt with as there must surely be many returns? Thank you for your video and the promised answer.? Have a good day

  3. So my biggest question is the label..if I sell something for a profit of 3-4 dollars, how do I go about the shipping? I want to give it for free to make it more enticing, but I might lose profit from shipping. Am I required to print the label? Thanks

  4. I'm 14 and I really want to make money without having a job and I'm gonna use this. and btw this is not a scam it's just being smart and other people being stupid and not looking for the cheapest price.

  5. Guys please tell me your idea about my new store. I made a story ad and gave it to a meme page with a high engagement rate and 31 people clicked on the swipe up link but 0$ sale for me😟. I literally thought I did everything that makes a store look professional but I honestly don't know what causes people to avoid buying from my shop. Please tell me your idea
    Shop link👇

  6. ebay take 10% and paypal takes 4%. using the drill as an example is terrible. Youre buying it for $100 plus tax =$110. selling it for $120 on ebay minus ebay/paypal fees. After fees youre getting $104 and you paid $110 when placed the order from lowes……where is the profit??!!!

  7. Here is the ultimate when it comes to convenience and marking up the prices. Grocery stores will have a six pack of coke for $2.99 in the back of the store and sell one by the cash register in a fridge for $1.89.

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