How to connect WooCommerce to Printful 2019: products, personalization, shipping, tax

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Get started with Printful & WooCommerce today:

Watch this tutorial to learn how to connect your WooCommerce store to Printful!

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Billing video ➡
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Printful FAQ ➡

Looking for a specific part of the setup process? Here’s video timestamps that might come in handy:

0:35 Connecting your WooCommerce store
2:48 Adding products
5:12 Product personalization
8:52 Setting up shipping
10:49 Tax settings
Printful is the easiest order fulfillment system you’ll ever use, free to set up, and with no monthly fees! You sell products on your store, we automatically process and fulfill them when orders come through, and ship them out to your customer. Easy as that!

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About this video

In his tutorial, we go through connecting Printful to an existing WooCommerce store, adding products, setting up product personalization, shipping and tax on Printful’s side. Remember that you need to set up your own hosting to use WooCoomerce. If you haven’t done that already, you can try SiteGround. It’s a hosting platform that comes with WooCommerce and Printful plugins pre-installed.

To connect an existing account, the first thing you need to do is make sure your WooCommerce is up to date. Some of Printful’s features don’t work with older versions of WooCommerce. So to connect your store to Printful, you’ll need to update your WooCommerce to its latest version.

We also offer the Product Personalization Tool for WooCommerce. Note that product personalization only works with the latest Printful plugin, so be sure to update to at least the 2.1 version before you start. The products available for personalization are DTG products and wall art, and you can personalize both texts and images with the tool.

As for shipping, keep in mind that the shipping and tax settings applied through Printful’s plugin will be enabled only for the products that are fulfilled by Printful. But you can use our shipping rates in combination with other rates you have set up on WooCommerce.

Go ahead, add more products and start selling with Printful today!

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  1. I sell digital products and print-on-demand items using Printful. I have nexus only in Texas. This means that for my digital products, only Texas customers should be charged sales tax, but for Printful items, customers in 36 states should pay sales tax. However, the checkbox mentioned starting at time index 10:50 says taxes will be "[c]alculated for all products listed on your store (including non-Printful products) that ship to states where Printful applies sales tax." Is there a way to have WooCommerce/Printful distinguish between the two? At first I thought I could use the flat rate sales tax for certain products, but the sales tax varies in Texas, and I need to charge accordingly. So, no flat rate. Any ideas?

  2. I have got a problem! Please help whoever can relate: I am using Woocommerce and have set up live Printful shipping rates, but by some reason Unites States doesn't have a shipping option at check out…so frustrating.

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