How to Build Landing Pages & Blogs for SEO: A Beginners Guide 2/2

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A Website Landing Page is a page that focuses information targeted towards a particular user. Each LP should be based on one keyword, and target one service or location.

Examples of Landing Pages:
– Toronto Lawyer SEO
– Toronto Dental SEO
– Toronto Real Estate SEO
– Toronto Website Design
– Etobicoke Website Design
– Mississauga Website Design

How to Choose Keywords for SEO : Beginner Guide

How to Rank #1 on Google | 7 Steps to SEO Success:

Example of a Blog:

Example of a Landing Page:

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  1. Thank you for this video, Chris! I was looking forward to part 2.
    I find trying to rank for low competition low search volume terms in order to rank first, works well even though it seems counter-intuitive. Yes, they are low search volume, but the chances of you converting lead is higher since you will be first for that keyword.

  2. Chris … at last someone who can explain the important bits properly, for those who missed it … landing pages are on your site but not found by the menu … thanks again mate. SEO my new favourite thing. I’m going to work this magic on my daughters new e-commerce site and watch it get traffic. It’s got tumbleweed now but I know we will rank soon. If you like I can get back and post our improving stats monthly for
    Keep on keeping on Chris vids like yours keep people like me pushing forward 👍

  3. Chris,
    It’s seems you are giving loads without asking for any effort in return from others here, if you want people to trial ideas for SEO on their own sire and post the results I’d be up for that.
    Keep on keeping on 👍

  4. Hey, Chriss.

    This is Suhkjeet Toor.

    1) What is your revision process?

    2) Is it okay to provide the wp-admin panel details to the client if he asks during the construction of the site at any level it is going on, because there are many things can be stolen from the back-end like exporting the data or theme download in some way. Or backend access to any other framework before we get the full amount of money?

  5. It's impressive that your orphan pages are ranking well. I've always aimed to avoid them—since I found out Google doesn't like it—if they're important, but clearly you can. Can't have much competition in Toronto for those words I guess.

  6. Amazing video Chris. Your examples have given me a lot of inspiration. One question… I understand why you wouldn't put the landing pages on your menu, or even have them accessible from your main site, but would sharing them on social media help to get them ranked? Should the pages rank higher the more visitors they get? Thanks, George.

  7. Hi Chris, one more question… If I want to create 2 landing pages for say "Web Design London" and "Web Design Essex", would you recommend 2 totally different pages, or would the same copy (with London changed to Essex) work? Would Google mark one of them down for duplicate content?

  8. What is the depth of this information you recommend giving away. I'm currently just writing about coding and learning coding. Is that something you feel could have traction? Or should I try other types of content and if so, do you have any recommendations?

  9. Thanks for these videos. I've learned so mich from them already.

    I had a question about sitemaps and privacy policies. Everyone keeps saying you need a sitemap for better ranking and also need a privacy policy if you'll be collecting emails (contact form). But I don't see either one on yours. Are they really not needed?

  10. So you say you should have around 1000 keywords you're trying to rank for. For approx 2/3rds it should be educational and 1/3rd selling pages. Are you saying there should be 600 blog posts and 200 landing pages on my site?

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learn Google Adwords | Google Adwords | ISBM

learn Google Adwords | Google Adwords | ISBM

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