Facebook Ads PPE Campaign | The Viral Strategy

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Facebook Ads PPE still work and it is a very solid strategy. In this video I give you a complete walkthrough of “The Viral Strategy”.

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  1. Good video, I'm surprised it let you post it, I tried this with my first DS facebook page and they didn't let me post the "tag someone…" part. Just a heads up, but yeah really cool strategy 😀

  2. I’ve checked this- in Europe you need to have author’s consent BEFORE reposting like this. Credit is not enough. Probably it is different in the US. It’s a pity though:/

  3. 1. Can this method apply to Instagram?
    2. Only when you create the "shop" on facebook page then you will be able to tag the product right?
    Great content! it helps me a lot as I am still new to Ecom.
    Thanks a lot man

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