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Episode 29 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy your host. And today we have a special guest on this podcast. His name is John Sanders. This guy is a Facebook ecommerce Shopify guru. He’s been in the game for a while. You guys are going to hear some stuff from him that I didn’t even know about. So some of the key points he talks about in this podcast is making sure you’re going after your target audience, making sure you’re going after the right people, making sure you have a great product. Me and him discussed great products go far. Okay. Products don’t work online. Um, one thing I took away from John is consistency. This guy has been trying for a long time and he finally broke through and started crushing it. He drops a few little secrets on live video and how he’s using and leveraging live videos for his clients that are in the ecommerce space. So let’s not waste anymore time and dive right in.

Introduction to John Saunders

Taylor: Okay guys, so we have John Sanders on the podcast today. So John, tell us your backstory of how you got into online marketing.

John: Well, yeah, I actually back in the early two thousands, I’m, I guess, I don’t know from a little older to be an online marketer, but I’m in my mid forties and in the early two thousands when everything was popping online or starting to, um, I got a email from Frank Kern, I don’t know if you’ve heard of frank [inaudible].

Taylor: Sure.

John: I’ve actually heard of Frank Kern, but he was back in the day, he was kind of the pioneer in online marketing and he had this course out about Google paper click and, um, I bought the course of like 20 bucks or something and I just became absolutely fascinated, fascinated with the idea of being able to sell products that people around the world. And from then, from then on it’s just been a love affair. So, um, so that was in early two thousands and then, um, I’d always dabbled in all my marketing, you know, um, again, I don’t know if you or your listeners remember the warrior forum back in the day. Um,

Taylor: I don’t, I love hearing about those old times though. Cause like I’ve talked to a couple of guys before and it’s just like, I’ve never even heard of those things, but it’s great to hear about it. So it’s kind of interesting.

John: And so he had the warrior forum and you know, people would sell their products and, and a lot, a lot of the big marketers, you guys, you know, we’d see out there, got their start in the warrior forum. And so, um, I was just always in the warrior forum trying to do stuff. But, you know, I have, I was married, I had kids. So it is hard to really focus all the attention on, on it. And so, um, so eventually a best board to 2013 and, uh, we’re actually 2014 and the teespring craze started, I don’t know if you remember that, Taylor.

Taylor: I did recall, I do recall hearing about the tee spring, isn’t it? Like tons of people started selling tee shirts.

John: Exactly. So guy named Don Wilson, who will actually now owns gearbubble, who got it started on the warrior forum, um, was launching this big course about how to make all this money selling shirts on teespring. And he had, you know, all these people that had made all this money doing it. And so, uh, you know, my wife, poor thing, I, I bought so many courses in the past and, and she was kind of, you know, not, not fed up, but it’s this knew that I was just going to dabble with things. But for, for some reason, this course on teespring kind of, it just resonated with me and it also bigger investment for us at the time to buy this course. And so I talked my wife into letting me buy that course and I started selling tee shirts online, started with 500 bucks for ads and a year later we’d sold 20,000 shirts online using Facebook ads. So,

Taylor: crushing it.

John: Yeah, the old online marketing a war cry I guess. Yeah. So that’s how I got my start. And then from there we expanded off on Shopify. So I’m products on Shopify using Facebook and advertising. And you know, as you probably know, Taylor, when I say Facebook advertising, I’m talking about the paid Facebook ads. A lot of people do the organic stuff, but we both, I focused on paid Facebook advertising and through our Shopify business and now we’ve expanded even more where we’re helping other ecommerce businesses grow their business and sell products using the Facebook ads and Instagram ads now. So yeah.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So basically you just dabbled for a long time and then next thing you know, you started getting into Facebook ads then.

John: Yup. Yeah, they changed everything for me, I think. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, I dabbling was Al’s a full well parttime dabbler and so, um, yeah.

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