5 Things to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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Hey, today I’m going to talk about 5 things to avoid in affiliate marketing.

One of the worst things you can do is pick a topic you are just not interested in. This is why the make money online niche can be a great place to start because you probably want to make money.

If you already have tons of money, then maybe choose another niche right?

Then you can share what you want to do and are learning with other people. Sure, it’s a very popular niche, but only because there is a lot of money in it.

If my niche was in makeup I would just hate my life right now. It wouldn’t be worth any type of money to learn about, talk about or promote products about.

The second biggest mistake is having too much pride to get help. This was me as well. Trying to figure everything out on my own and doing a lot of the wrong stuff.

On the flip side not taking any action is a big mistake. Yea, constantly learning and not doing anything with what you have learned is not good.

Next is not having a sales funnel and email list. Have you ever heard of the saying “The money is in the list?”

The huge majority of people do not buy the first time they see a product. If you are not collecting emails and doing list building you missing out on an insane amount of money.

The sales funnel is the same thing. Russel Brunon talked about this in a great book called Internet Marketing Secrets.

There are low end products up front and high ticket items at the end of the sales funnel. I’ts good to have low priced products up front to build the relationship.

Being incremental is a great negotiation tool that reduces the risk. If a guy just met a girl and proposes marriage within the first day, how likely is it that will happen?

Not likely. Unless the girl is super desperate. Now if a guy has seen a girl over a length of time it’s much more likely to happen.

It’s also a very good idea to have high ticket items at the end of your sales funnel. How many $20 products do you have to sale to make $1,000? My point exactly.

The 5th biggest mistake is with email marketing. Just promoting an affiliate offer 1 time or trying to promote tons of products at once.

It’s best to promote just 1 offer many different ways for about a week. In the beginning you will get some sales and then usually it drops off.

Some affiliate marketers give up at this time and maybe switch products. Don’t, keep promoting the same offer and sales usually will pick up because some people just have to look at something 20 times before they pull the trigger.

At the end of the week do something to create some urgency to kick someone who is on the fence off the fence.

Those are my 5 biggest things to avoid in Affiliate marketing. There is a whole lot more I could of talked about.

Do you agree or disagree with one I listed? Is there a mistake that you w

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